February 17, 2018

Michigan Insurance Facts

 An up-to-date resource for insurance information and statistics.

General Information
This section includes background on the Insurance Institute of Michigan and contact information. Also included is a table of contents, glossary and a listing of IIM members.  

The Insurance Industry in Michigan
An overview of the insurance industry’s impact on Michigan’s economy. Includes insurance industry employment and annual rate of return information. 

Automobile Insurance
Chapter includes auto insurance policy basics, factors that affect rates and average Michigan and U.S. auto insurance premiums. Additional topics include: Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, registered vehicles, licensed drivers and tips to save on premiums.
Auto Crash Statistics
Michigan and US injury and fatality facts are provided along with crash statistics by age. Statistics on car-deer, motorcycle, older driver and young driver crashes are provided.   

Drunk Driving
Michigan drunk driving laws and related crash statistics are provided.  

Property Insurance
An overview of homeowners insurance coverage issues, average premium information, flood insurance, tornado information, fire statistics and factors affecting homeowners insurance are provided. Also included are cost-saving tips.

Credit-Based Insurance Scoring

An overview on how credit-based insurance scoring works and answers to frequently asked questions.  

Commercial Insurance
Information about business and workers' compensation insurance.

Insurance-Related Crime
Auto theft, arson and insurance fraud impact insurance costs. This chapter looks at insurance-related crimes in detail, including arson and auto thefts by county.

Links to laws on no-fault, motorcycle helmet use, child restraint, safety belt, graduated licensing and Essential Insurance.


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